The Kaduna State Media Corporation (KSMC) was born of the former Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) was established in the 1950s. Following the re-organization of Broadcasting in the country in 1978, the regional Radio stations located in Enugu, Ibadan and Kaduna which were transmitting on short-ware, were taken over by the federal government and brought under the umbrella of the new Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria in place of the NBC. Under the same reorganization, all the then NBC stations, except the national station in Lagos, were handed over to the respective Government of their locations. Thus, NBC Kaduna was handed over to the Kaduna State Government and re-named Kaduna State Broadcasting Corporation (KSBC) through Edict No 8 of 1978.
In 1991 the Kaduna State Government awarded contract for the establishment of its own Television Station and at the same time transferred the publication of the weekly “News-Monitor Newspaper” from the ministry of information to the KSBC. This necessitated the change of name from Broadcasting Corporation to a Media Conglomerate saddle with the responsibilities of AM Radio, FM Stereo, Television and Newspaper Publication services.
Accordingly, the present Kaduna State Media Corporation came into being under Edict No 7 of 28th May, 1991.

The Radio services of the ksmc comprise of Three (3) main stations at the Headquarters and two (2) community stations, one each in Kafanchan and Zaria.
At the Headquarters, we have the Kaduna state Radio AM service, the capital sound 90.9FM Stereo and the KADA FM. At Kafanchan, we have the Rockside FM Radio and the Queen FM Radio located in Zaria. Each of these Radio Stations has a unique target of listenership.

This is the grassroots station of the Ksmc. It operates on a 2 x 50kw transmitter on a frequency of 639KH3 mw runs about 80%: 20% of its programmes in Hausa and English respective, this station with its powerful transmitters cover almost the entire country. It also broadcast its signals and programmes to the entire world through the net at This is a must use station for advertisers who have products and services targeting the grassroots populate.
Capital Sounds
Aimed at the youth, power 90.9 FM also reaches out to “the young at heart” and a vast non-Hausa speaking population of Kaduna.
Programming is almost entirely a blend of English and Pidgin English, with only about 3% French and German. Fast paced and highly entertaining. Several advertisers contribute with interesting shows and sports reviews.

STATION 1: Capital Sound
Location : Wurno off Rabah Road Kaduna
TRANSMITTES: 2 x 25 Kilowatts FM Stereo
1 x 10 Kilowatts FM Stereo
TRANSMISSION HOURS: 05:30 am to 01:30 am
SLOGAN: The pride of Kaduna.
COVERAGE: Kaduna State and beyond

STATION 2: Kaduna State Radio (AM)
LOCATION: Wurno off Rabah Road Kaduna
TRANSMITTES: 2 x 50 Kilowatts

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